FIRST Responders



At FPG, we understand the “suck factor” because we’ve been there. Having served ourselves, we know how much seemingly small details can make huge impacts.


So our products were designed to be lived out of and built to last. Not just for one deployment, but for decades. Because if your country and your community are going to count on you, you should be able to count on your gear.


Constructed with heavy-duty zippers, reinforced stitching, multiple handles on all sides, and made with the strongest parts available, our bags can be thrown, smashed, dragged, and are big enough to fit all of your gear in one bag. With FPG, you can just load and go.


Perfect for law enforcement and public safety personnel, FPG products are tough, reliable and super functional.  For those administering medical treatment, our ThermaShield® line helps medics and First Responders treat for shock while providing a clean place to work.

Used by all branches of the U.S. military, it is our commitment to developing the best product possible that has made FPG a leading manufacturer of military deployment gear and luggage. ​


And with hundreds of thousands of FPG bags still out there moving gear, and tens of thousands of ThermaShields® still providing shelter, you know you can count on FPG.

FOR46 Hybrid Deployment Bag_Loaded_Coyot

"This is by far the most well-built duffle I will ever own. The shoulder straps are great and the material is super durable and the laundry bag is great for keeping the nasty and the clean separate! I am a veteran and I tell you what, I wish I had this when I was overseas. It puts the old green duffle to shame! Thanks for making quality military products!