Built to withstand rugged use in a combat zone, FPG travel bags are not intended for the average traveler.


Made from only the highest quality materials and constructed with heavy-duty zippers, reinforced stitching and the strongest parts available, our bags are durable, smashable, and reliable. Crammed taxi trunk? No problem. Abusive baggage handlers? Bring it on. 

Because when you spend your life in and out of airports, the last thing you need is luggage that’s been ripped apart and damaged on a baggage carousel.


Our bags are designed with smart travel features like integrated backpack straps that make rushing through the terminal easier and trap doors and visibility pockets that let you quickly access the items you need once you’ve landed.


And with over 20 trademarks and patents for our products, it's no wonder FPG has earned the reputation for innovation and dependability.

FOR106 THOR All Weather Bag_Loaded Out_B

"By far the most durable travel bag I’ve carried. It fits a lot of clothes or whatever you wish to carry. The ability to utilize and store the carrying straps turned out to be essential when toting other baggage; I was skeptical about the carrying strap sleeves being up to the task in outdoor conditions, but they are in fact extremely rugged.