• At home in the air or on the ground, the FOR102 FPG Kneeboard makes short work of keeping things sorted while on the move.
  • The 102 is low profile, works with different electronic devices, and is comfortable on either leg.  It is just at home going old school too.
  • The 102 has a clipboard that can be fastened at any angle for easier writing in the cockpit.
  • The 102 has "Adjustable Knee Chocks".  The wedges can be placed anywhere needed making it fully adjustable from  big to small or male or female.
  • The Knee Chocks also hold it in place with less constriction on the leg band helping with comfort and circulation.
  • Foreign Object Damage is a real problem and the 102 works with you by wrapping back on itself for transport.  It keeps checklists, charts, pens and phones neatly secured.
  • The 102 is well thought out.  Included are two strips of self adhesive Velcro.  They are designed to attach to the back of your tablet or mini tablet holding them in place during the wildest of rides.
  • Checklists can be ringed in as needed.
  • The 102 has an elastic clear band to keep things secured when needed.
  • The top layer can be zipped off if not needed.
  • Included in the 102 is a phone pocket.  It's a great place to store it or link it into your comms suit if needed.

FOR102 FPG Kneeboard

  • Dimensions:

    10” L x 8” W

    (25cm L x 20cm W)


    Weight: 10 oz 311 grams



    ABU, OCP, Coyote, Black



    • Go full electronic with the ability to use tablets or old school.
    • FPG “Knee Chocks” lock down the Kneeboard from slipping with less tension on the leg strap.
    • Adjustable to any size leg or position needed.
    • Retention strap to keep pages or items neat and tidy.
    • Removable writing station with a clipboard that you can place as needed.
    • Cell phone pocket, Cockpit light, and pen/pencil sleeves.
    • Plenty of small item storage with Velcro enclosure.
    • Wraps up tight on itself for storage and transport protecting important items.
    • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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