• The 110 (LDB-2 size) is the bigger brother to the mesh 100 (LDB-1 size).
  • All FPG® products they are designed to work together.  Two 100's fit nest inside a 110.  Like Russian Dolls, smaller LDB's nest with larger ones.
  • The mesh top allows for easy identification.
  • Perfect for dividing, protecting, and keeping track of smaller items, The LDB's are perfect for finishing your loadout.
  • Available in kits, LDB's can  separate and protect many items all in one carrying system.
  • An example of LDB-1's and 2's as well as mesh are shown.  (sold separately)

FOR110 Loadout Divider Bag (LDB-2) Mesh Pouch

  • Dimensions:

    10” L x 10” W x 4” D

    (25cm L x 25cm W x 10cm D)



    400 Cubic Inches

    (6.5) liters



    4 oz

    (.11kg) empty



    Coyote, ACU, ABU, OCP, Black



    • The most versatile item in the FPG inventory.
    • Mesh top keeps contents visable.
    • Accommodates 2x LDB-1’s or larger items.
    • LDB’s organize components within your larger loadout.
    • Size is ideal for commercial carry-on travel.
    • Makes a great addition to a “Go-bag”.
    • Perfect for family travel or weekend adventures


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