• Need to keep track of many smaller items ? The FOR300m gives you the ability to do just that.
  • The FOR300m is half of the complete kit giving you the mesh divider bag portion of it.
  • Included are: 3x FOR100, 3x FOR110 (Three smaller LDB-1 mesh Loadout Divider Bags,  and three larger mesh Loadout Divider Bags LDB-2).
  • All FPG® products they are designed to work together. Two LDB-1's fit inside an LDB-2.  Three LDB-2's fit inside an LDB-3 etc.
  • Like Russian Dolls, smaller LDB's nest with larger ones.
  • Mix and match  your load out.  

  • With the 300m, you get options depending on the task at hand.

FOR300M LDB Kit (Mesh)

  • Dimensions:

    10” L x 5” W x 4” D

    (25cm L x 13cm W x 10cm D) LDB-1’s


    10” L x 10” W x 4” D

    (25cm L x 25cm W x 10cm D) LDB-2’s



    Over 2400 Cubic Inches

    (38.5) liters


    Kit Includes:

    3x FOR100, 3x FOR110



    Coyote, ACU, ABU, OCP, Black



    • 6 bag system further separates and protects your gear
    • Mixture of sizes and function provides the most versatility.
    • Great for protecting many small items in a one carry solution.
    • Size is ideal for commercial carry-on travel.
    • Makes a great addition to a “Go-bag”.
    • Perfect for family travel or weekend adventures.
    • Fits inside larger bags to further divide and protect contents

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