• The J-Pack addresses age old problems with regular Kit bags.
  • How many times have you struggled to get off the DZ with handles that don't touch? The J-Pack has shoulder straps..... the handles also touch when fully loaded.
  • Designed for parachutes, it's also a great low cost bag for moving lots of gear.
  • The ergonomic shoulder straps stow away when not in use or when on the jump itself.
  • Tarmac tearing up the bottom of your bag? Abrasion resistant Hypalon is used on the bottom of the J-Pack. The same stuff on the bottom of Zodiac boats.

FOR69 - J-Pack Jumbo Flyer Kit Bag

  • Dimensions:

    22” L x 12” W x 20” D

    (56cm L x 30cm W x 51cm D)



    Over 5,280 Cubic Inches

    (86) liters



    3 lbs (1.3kg) empty



    ACU, ABU, OCP, Coyote, Black



    Shoulder straps easily allows carry off the DZ or anywhere.

    Extremely durable Hypalon bottom to prevent chaffing and wear

    Cost effective alternative to moving large amounts of gear


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