Our most robust ThermaShield in a Vehicle Kit.


The Field Blanket in this kit is the FOR78 ThermaShield OCP which has three layers.  


The FOR78 has special coatings to provide extended protection against UV breakdown.


It is intended for longer term usage ie: in mobility situations, protecting generators, Water Buffalos etc where extended use outweighs the need for lighter weight.  Two layer ThermaShields provide that need.


One side is the Multi-Cam pattern, the other is Coyote which is unique in the ThermaShield line up.


FPG® has helped outfit many vehicles for various government agencies and can help you with your build.  Snap a few together as shown to create as much modular shelter as needed.


Included in the kit are six aluminum stakes with sleeve, six lengths of 550- Para Cord, one FOR78 ThermaShield OCP with pouch, two collapsible 6' aluminum poles with sleeve, and a carrying bag.


Some of ThermaShield's uses and uses and applications are:


  • Sun shade;  ThermaShield blocks 100% UV as well as radiant heat transfer normally found in ponchos, field blankets etc
  • Reduces Heat casualties
  • Reduces Cold injuries
  • Wind proof
  • Highly water resistant
  • Modular shelter; multiple blankets can be snapped together making the size shelter needed.
  • Thermal signature mitigation
  • Expedient litter
  • Effective treatment for shock
  • Vehicle based shelter/shade
  • Stand-alone shelter/shade
  • Golden Hour transport


Product Features:

  • One side is the OCP weather layer, the other is FPG DesertCloth® which is lightweight/high tensile strength rip stop Nylon cloth, fire resistant to CPAI-84.
  • One inner layer of FPG Reflectec laminated to rip stop Nylon cloth.
  • 10x 35oz Hypalon Gromolon® attachment points.
  • Double sided MILSPEC snaps.
  • 6x patented FPG SmartClips® knotless attachment points

FOR79 ThermaShield OCP (VK)

  • Dimensions:   112” L x 72” W

                            (285cm L x 183 cm W)


    Weight:           6.5 lbs Complete Kit

                           (2.9 kg)


    Colors:            Multi-Cam OCP on one side, Coyote on the other


    Kit Contents:

    1x ThermaShield OCP, 2x heavy duty 75” collapsible aluminum poles, 6x lightweight aluminum ground spikes, 6x 6’ long guide lines.

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