• This is the pouch that holds our two layer ThermaShields only.
  • Lite is right! All our two layer Field Blankets pack up small fitting inside the FOR88 even though our symmetrical shaped Field Blankets are 6'x 10' in size..
  • Closely resembling the standard issue USMC pouch, the FOR88 works for many uses.
  • Equipped with PALS, FPG® also offers a Velcro adapter to fix it to surfaces that accept that method (Sold seperately).

FOR88 Survivor Blanket® Pouch

  • Dimensions:  

    10.5” L x 7” W x 2.5 D

    (27cm L x 18cm W x 6cm D)



    184 cubic inches

     3 liters



    5 oz

    .14 kg

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