• Need a helmet bag to hold all your stuff?  The FOR93 won't disappoint.
  • The back side has a full width pocket for larger maps etc.
  • The front has two generous pockets to fit things like the FPG FOR102 Kneeboard.
  • A separate pouch for your oxygen mask should you need it.  The pleated design allows fitting of large helmets.
  • One end of the bag has a full size water bottle holder.
  • One end of the FOR93 has convenient pockets to keep smaller items.

FOR93 FPG Helmet Bag

  • Dimensions:

    21.5” Wide x 19” Tall x 3.25” D

    (54.6cm Wide x 48cm Tall x 8.3cm D)



    1226 cubic inches (internal) 

    20 liters


    676 cubic inches (external pockets)

    11 liters



    2 lbs .9kg



    ACU, ABU, OCP, Coyote, Black, Yellow 



    • 30% increase in storage capacity over the standard issue helmet bag.
    • Pleats allow expansion for bulky helmets and other items while keeping profile slim.
    • Water bottle pocket on one side, GP/ cell phone pocket on the other.
    • 2x large exterior pockets to stow aviation charts, Navigation books, Kneeboards etc.
    • O2 Mask pocket inside. 
    • Adjustable shoulder carry strap.
    • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.



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