• The TS-11B is our lightest weight and best selling symmetrical Field Blanket.  Its uses are only limited by your imagination.
  • The TS-11B packs up small.  At 2lbs it packs a punch especially considering it is 6'x 10' in size.
  • Because of it's light weight, the 97 is a favorite with anyone who is packing things on their back.  Snap two together in a backpacking scenario and provide shelter for many people.  
  • Snap two together in a mobility scenario and you get 120 sqft of shade/rain protection. The fact it blocks 100% UV helps too.
  • ThermaShield is a mulit-use item.  It provides shelter as well as medical applications such as controlling shock etc.
  • ThermaShield products block the radiated heat that passes through tents and other similar fabrics.  Put one over the top of your existing shelter when needed.
  • The TS-11B is small enough so it can be pulled from a soldiers load or the Medic's pack.  
  • ThermaShields are robust enough to be used as an expedient litter that treats for shock during the "Golden Hour".

Some general uses and applications are:

  • Sun shade.  ThermaShield blocks 100% UV as well as radiant heat transfer normally found in ponchos, field blankets etc
  • Reduces Heat casualties
  • Reduces Cold injuries
  • Wind proof
  • Highly water resistant
  • Modular shelter; multiple blankets can be snapped together making the size shelter needed.
  • Thermal signature mitigation
  • Expedient litter
  • Effective treatment for shock
  • Vehicle based shelter/shade
  • Stand-alone shelter/shade
  • Golden Hour transport


Product Features:

  • Outer layer of FPG DesertCloth® which is lightweight/high tensile strength rip stop Nylon cloth, fire resistant to CPAI-84.
  • One inner layer of FPG Reflectec laminated to rip stop Nylon cloth.
  • 10x 35oz Hypalon Gromolon® attachment points.
  • Double sided MILSPEC snaps.
  • 4x patented FPG SmartClips® knotless attachment points

FOR97 ThermaShield TSS-11B

  • Dimensions:  

    112” L x 72” W

     (285cm L x 183 cm W)



    2.8 lbs





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