• Kit includes:  TSS-0311 Field Blanket, FPG SmartFrame®, Adjustable footprint with integral pouch and containment bungees.

  • Tactical to practical.  With the FOR98 you get a thermal reflective shelter that can be a 2 person OP one minute and  a garrison set up the next.

  • Field Craft Tool Roll.  Maybe you only need the Field Blanket and the Ridgepole to protect you from the elements and mitigate your thermal signature. The choice is yours.

  • The FOR98 is not a tent. It is an adaptable shelter system that reflects heat and repels water. There are no tents on the market that can be a shelter one minute and a life saving piece of gear treating a victim for shock the next.

  • With zero modifications the FOR98 can be adjusted for different height profiles made possible by a set of simple drawstrings.

  • The FOR98 attachs to a standard military cot.  Add the available mosquito netting or the included Field Blanket as needed.

  • The FOR98 is self contained.  The shelter's footprint has a pocket built in to house the SmartFrame and Ridgepole.  The footprint can also be stuffed anywhere that is practical.

  • Add in the available FOR94 TSS Cammo Netting Multi-Cam, and you have a bomber set-up.

  • Need to sleep in a hot environment?  The thermal reflecting Field Blanket included in the FOR98 is hard to beat.  Bungee the sides open for a nice better breeze.

  • "Sealing" up the ends is as easy as stacking the Gromolon® attachment points on the SmartFrame.

  • FPG® shelter systems can  be closed up to reflect body heat back at you or opened up for a great breeze while enjoying 100% UV protection.

  • Medical applications are many.  

    Treating for shock, being an expedient litter, or giving the Medic a clean place to work are just a few.

  • The SmartFrame is interconnected for easy assembly and no loss of parts at night.

  • Add the available Mossy Netting as needed for a great night's sleep under the stars.

  • The set up options are only limited by your imagination.

  • Got rain?  The Field Blankets in FPG® shelter systems utilize Reflectec® technology. It's zero porosity repels water like a duck's back.  

  • The body heat reflecting feature is welcome in harsh winter climates.

  • In a tactical situation and can't use the poles?  Try snapping two together like a taco.  It takes keeping warm in an OP to a whole new level.

  • Shelter differences?  The FOR98 comes with a Cordura footprint that can be stuffed anywhere and provides height adjustments.  The Survivor System® comes with a closed cell ground pad instead.  The blanket sizes are identical.

  • What do you mean the Helo is not coming till the morning?  The 0311 field blanket included in this kit has you covered.

  • The 0311 Field Blanket used in this kit is small enough so it can be pulled from a soldiers load or the Medic's pack.  

  • ThermaShields are robust enough to be used as an expedient litter that treats for shock during the "Golden Hour".


FOR98 SOF Survivor System

  • Dimensions:

    Adjustable height and length according to mission needs.



    6.0 lbs

    2.7 kg





    Kit Includes: 

    TSS-0311 Field Blanket, FPG SmartFrame®, Adjustable footprint with integral pouch and containment bungees.


    • The most versatile heat reflective shelter system in FPG’s lineup
    • Designed to be attached to a cot when needed.
    • Uses the same SmartFrame® as the Survivor System® but with an adustable footprint.
    • Add the optional Cammo Net or Mosi Net (sold separately) for an all environment shelter that helps mitigate thermal signatures.
    • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


    Some general uses and applications are:

    • Sun shade.  ThermaShield blocks 100% UV as well as radiant heat transfer normally found in ponchos, field blankets etc
    • Reduces Heat casualties
    • Reduces Cold injuries
    • Wind proof
    • Highly water resistant
    • Modular shelter; multiple blankets can be snapped together making the size shelter needed.
    • Thermal signature mitigation
    • Expedient litter
    • Effective treatment for shock
    • Vehicle based shelter/shade
    • Stand-alone shelter/shade
    • Golden Hour transport


    Product Features:

    • Two layer ThermaShield asymmetrically shaped Field Blanket.
    • Outer layer is FPG DesertCloth® which is lightweight/high tensile strength rip stop Nylon cloth, fire resistant to CPAI-84.
    • Inner layer of FPG Reflectec® laminated to rip stop Nylon cloth forming the weather layer.
    • 35oz Hypalon Gromolon® attachment points.
    • Double sided MILSPEC snaps.
    • 4x patented FPG SmartClips® knotless attachment points

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