FOR72 ThermaShield (GP)

What is an FPG ThermaShield product? Its expedient thermal reflective shelter that you can harvest from a vehicle or a position and use for individual protection from the elements.

How ThermaShield Works

In technical terms: It keeps your butt warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot, and dry when its wet. It's performance is steady whether its scalding hot, freezing cold or soaking wet.

The ThermaShield Layers

The layers work together and with you. The DesertCloth® is soft against your skin when needed and billows to provide a plenum. The Reflectec does the heavy lifting. It's zero porosity is wind proof, blocks 100% UV, and is highly H20 resistant. Think space blanket on steroids.

Golden Hour Transport

One of the best uses of ThermaShield is for medical purposes. During the "Golden Hour" a ThermaShield product can treat for shock, and give the Medic a clean place to work.

Golden Hour Transport

ThermaShield works well as expedient litter even with body armor

Lite is Right.

At 2lbs, our two layer Field Blankets pack a punch. Especially since the TS-11B shown is 6' x10' in size!

Thermal Mitigation

This shot shows the comparison between a Field Tarp and one of our heat reflective shelters.

FOR72 ThermaShield (GP)

Designed primarily for shade and warmth, a side benefit is the ability to mitigate thermal signatures. If given a small amount of "standoff", ThermaShield products do an amazing job of cutting down signatures.

Gromolon attachment point

Just say no to grommets! All ThermaShield products have Gromolons® which are made from Hypalon and work great for accepting poles, bungees, retaining cords etc. The MIL-Spec Snaps allow you to connect multiple Field Blankets or make a "Sleeping Bag".


Our patented SmartClip, which is on all but the Survivor Blanket® version, takes the knots out of affixing it to things. It mitigates the problems found with operating in cold weather and darkness as well.

ThermaShield size demo

Attach a ThermaSheild to any vehicle and enjoy 100% UV protection, rain protection, and of course shade. This 110 Defender shows the 6'x10' size of our rectangle shaped ThermaShields.

Sprinter Shade Hooch

The rectangle shapes can be snapped together easily to make modular shelter. The Sprinter has 120sqft attached to it.

FOR72 ThermaShield (GP)

Two ThermaShield GP's snapped together providing protection for both crews.

Natick Testing Chamber

FPG® has backed up internal research with testing data performed at the Natick labs. ThermaShield's ability to reflect heat, UV, and mitigate thermal signatures were put to the test.

Vehicle Kits

Available Vehicle Kits come with the poles and other items needed to make a bomber shade structure.

FOR94 Cammo Net Coverage

The ThermaShield family is designed to be very modular. Throw in a Cammo Net (shown) or maybe the mosquito netting. Less is more with ThermaShield.

Natick Testing Chamber

Having a little fun in the chamber. The room temperature was 130 deg F and the surface of the ThermaShield varied between 216-237 deg F. Andy is trying not to burn his hands as eggs and bacon fry in the pan. Six inches below the ThermaShield, it was only 4 degrees above the ambient temperature of the chamber.


Reflecting heat is critical in hot as well as cold environments. Here the thermocouplers are getting hooked up for another run down to -20 deg F in the Arctic Testing Chamber.

Testing in a freezer

Countless hours of testing went into ThermaShield products to ensure they work and will last. With over 16,000 and counting, reducing the suck factor for those in the field says we are on the right track.

FOR72 ThermaShield (GP)

Sometimes cozy is nice too!


What do you get when you snap a few together? Shade Hooch City that's what. It's unbelievable how much the temperature of the sand around you is reduced. ThermaShield blocks the radiated heat normally let through by tarps, ponchos, and other rubberized products.

FOR72 ThermaShield (GP)

Fort Irwin or Twenty Nine Palms in the Summer can be brutal. This ThermaShield GP bungeed to the top allowed one of the directors of training to not run his air conditioner most of the time.


ThermaShield's uses are only up to your imagination. This unit put one over a water buffalo. They reduced their trips for ice while training from every day to every third day.

Reducing the Internal Temperatures

As if a roof rack tent on a Defender 110 is not cool enough? Snap 2 symmetrical shaped ThermaShields over it and it will literally be cool. ThermaShield blocks the radiated heat that passes through tents and similar fabrics.