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  • What is the difference between a two layer ThermaShield and a three layer?
    The three layer has an extra layer of DesertCloth. It acts as a plenum and traps air. It is a nice benefit if you are not packing it out and carrying it. A two layer has a weight savings advantage and the thermal performance is negligable. Check out the FPG 101 drop down and "What is a ThermaShield Page"
  • I'm a contractor in Afghanistan. Why won't my purchase go through?
    Good question. We have a high rate of customers who have issues because their credit card company or incorrect data entry. Make sure your CC company allows purchasing while you are traveling to the world's "Garden Spots". Also, if Pay Pal won't work (customers seem to have good luck with PP) contact us and we will help get the order through.
  • How well does the FOR102 fit the IPad Pro 10.5" and can I get it in the elastic corners?"
    The 102 was designed to fit the origninal IPad and the elastic was tight. All our kneeboards are delivered with two 1" wide Velcro strips to be adhered to your tablet regardless of size or model. The tablet, when using the hook and loop strips stays firmly in place even if a corner does slip out.
  • Are you able to replace the back pack straps for these bags? If so, how much would they cost? We may be able to forward this cost to the airline."
    We sell replacement backpack straps. They are 24.00. Here is the link:
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  • Your shipping prices seem high. How do I reduce them?
    Our rates are automatically generated based on your location and speed requirement for delivery. Our online calculators, try as we might, will not let us calculate multiple items in a single box which will make your costs cheaper if you order multiple items. Request a special shipping quote at purchase or call us at our factory. We will be glad to help with your shipping concerns. Dial 1-818-365-1300. Ask for Martha. She will sort you out with the best price possible for your given situation. Hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (PST)
  • What is the difference between an "FOR" wheeled bag and an "FPS" wheeled bag?"
    Great question. The FOR product line comes in all our colors and is made in its entirety at our factory in San Fernando. This makes that bag "Berry" compliant. Perfect for military sales etc or if you just like those colors. The FPS is literally the same bag made from the same materials but partially assembled in our factory in Mexico. The final assembly is done back in San Fernando for quality assurance. The color choices are limited to black, red, and safety yellow. This gives a huge cost savings to the customer.
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