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Force Protector Gear began with the simple goal of re-envisioning the standard-issue duffle of years past in order to help make service members' lives easier. And it is this spirit of innovation – of answering a need – that has inspired the entire line of FPG travel bags, backpacks, deployment systems, kneeboards, and thermal-reflective shelters.

Designed to be lived out of and built to last, FPG gear provides practical, real-world solutions and is tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. Year after year.


From the service member shipping out on a 3rd deployment to the adventure traveler hiking amongst the rugged peaks and awe-inspiring glaciers of Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park, FPG products stand up to rain, snow, mud, scorching desert heat, cobblestone streets, dirt roads, and the tumult of baggage handlers.


And whether you’re carrying $10,000 worth of sky-diving equipment, or your kid’s soccer gear, our bags are structured to protect what is inside. Made in the U.S. with quality materials and old-school craftsmanship, FPG products are constructed to be durable, customizable, and multi-functional. With dividers and pouches that keep your smaller items organized and spacious enough to carry everything in one bag, your gear functions exactly as you need.


Force Protector Gear. We make products that make a difference.



Built to withstand rugged use in a combat zone, FPG travel bags and luggage are not intended for the average traveler. Durable, smashable and reliable, they're designed with smart travel features like integrated backpack straps, trap doors, and visibility pockets, that make getting through the terminal hassle-free.


At FPG, our commitment is to you, our customer.


To developing products that provide practical, real-world solutions and delivering unparalleled customer support.


We stand behind every product we make with a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, we make it right.


Our goal is to make a difference. To make your life easier. Even if just a little. So our gear was designed to be lived out of. To do what you need.


- Bags that double as a footlocker

- Integrated backpack straps

- Foam padding that serves as a pillow or seat cushion

- Trap doors, visibility pockets, and dedicated laptop sleeves



Other manufacturers have tried to copy us, but with over 20 patents and trademarks for our bags, deployment systems, and thermal technology gear, there is still nothing out there that compares. 

FPG is the original. And our products stand on their own.

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