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Airline Travel Package

Now: $379.60

Save: $166.00

This package combines our Stealth Bag which was specifically designed for airline travel with our favorite way to organize it.  Travel smarter with FPG.

Airline Travel Package

Mobility Travel Package

Now: $391.73

Save: $284.17

This package combines our smaller Deployer and the All Weather Gym Bag. Perfect for vehicle based travel, they fit well in smaller spaces carrying what you need regardless of weather.

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Adapter Shade Panel

SweetSpot Kit

Now: $524.96

Save: $174.99

Designed for the overland community as temporary lightweight thermal reflective shelter.


Use it on a vehicle, around the campfire or in an emergency.

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Wet Weather Travel Pkg

Now: $234.00

Save: $155.12

This package combines our most popular wet weather or "splash" bags and both are great for weekend adventures, working on the waterfront, airline travel or overland trips. 

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Clearance Travel Pkg 1

Now: $255.00

Save: $590.27


This package combines brand new overstock Deployer and SmartPack bags. If cammo color is not a deal breaker for you, it does not get better than this. Oh and btw, it ships for free!

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Aviation Pkg 1

Now: $94.42

Save: $41.48

Tight is right! This package combines our popular Mini-Kneeboard with the Nav Bag for a great savings. Perfect for small and large cockpits and any size tablet, this pair keeps your flight organized from flight line to bush line

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Carry-On Travel Package

Now: $183.22

Save: $101.23

This package combines our popular Carry-on Bag with its padded laptop storage, 13 pouches and pockets, plenty of room for a few outfit changes and the ability to organize them with our Divider Bags.

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Heavy Duty Travel Pkg

Now: $512.00

Save: $418.91

This package combines our flagship for moving heavy loads Deployer XP with our most popular duffle bag the SmartPack. If you need to move large amounts of stuff on deployment or expedition easily, this is for you.

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Clearance Travel Pkg 2

Now: $345.00

Save: $529.03

This combo combines a brand new Lightfighter and SmartPack bag at 60% off! The colors are still active in today's military if you need them and if you don't, they will serve your adventures and travels for years to come.

CLEARANCE_TRAVEL_2_OPEN (878 x 487 px).png

FPG is the proud designer and manufacturer of the United States Marine Corps replacement Sea Bag

"The Deployer"



At Force Protector Gear we operate from three basic tenets:  Be dependable.  Be listening.  And always be innovating in order to make something new.  Something better.  Something different.


The result is products made from the highest-quality materials and old-school craftsmanship and an entire company dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support.


At FPG, we make products that make a difference.

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