What Is An Adapter Shade Panel?

Born from the ThermaShield line of products, it quickly attaches to a vehicle or an object providing thermal reflective shelter from the elements. 

It fits narrower overland type vehicles as well as many others.  It "adapts" to our ThermaShield Field Blankets allowing different size shelters to be made quickly and with minimal fuss.

The more extreme the temperature swings are, the more ThermaShield becomes your friend.  Create normal shelter off your rig, cozy up by the campfire, or prevent heat/cold injuries and treat for shock when things go sideways.


How Does It Work?

There are many awnings out there, and they are just that; Awnings and awnings only. 


They can be large, heavy, expensive, and still allow radiated heat to pass through them giving you the convection oven effect. 


ThermaShield products provide temporary shelter from the elements as well as reflect heat either away from you or towards you depending on what you need and the temperatures.


What Is An FPG ThermaShield?

ThermaShield started life in the hands of the Warfighter in the most harsh combat conditions. 


Reducing the Sun's oppressive heat when there is no shade for hundreds of miles or keeping soldiers warm all night when the mission gets extended. 

With tens of thousands still in service today, those benefits are enjoyed in our favorite outdoor and adventure activities.

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Third Party Data Verification

Companies develop products claiming all sorts of things.  That's called marketing.


After FPG developed ThermaShield, we hired Natick Laboratories to do a third party verification of our internal data.

We traveled to their Tropical Chamber in Natick MA doing chamber run after run with temperatures rising to 135 degrees F. with humidity burning your lungs as you breath to test ThermaShield heat reflecting properties.  

We also traveled to Ft. Greeley AK to their Arctic Testing Chambers.   Multiple runs down to -25 degrees F. proved ThermaShields effectiveness at reflecting body heat in extreme situations.

Natick Labratories (1).png

Mitigating Heat

Set up in seconds and reduce the temperature of your surroundings. 


ThermaShield is 100% UV proof and the Reflectech keeps that radiated heat away so you can actually enjoy your environment or in extreme cases, survive it.

Heat Reduction (1).png

Mitigating Cold

ThermaShield is not insulatory by design but reflective.  It reflects your body heat back at you when you need it most. 


It is 100% windproof, so when the barometer falls and the wind picks up things stay cozy whether you're in a hunter's hide, a forward observation point in unfriendly territory, or keeping the chill away on a family outing.  

Heat Reflection (1).png

Mitigating Rain

With the exception of the "Lite" versions, ThermaShield has two sides or layers. 


The "Weather Layer" beads the water off like a ducks back, and has the Reflectech chemically bonded to it so it will not separate. 


The "DesertCloth" layer is a special rip stop nylon manufactured for FPG here in America that is soft to the touch but extremely robust. 


ThermaShield has zero porosity so water will not pass through regardless of which side is up.  Water passes through the DesertCloth, rolls down the Reflectech underneath and drains from the lowest seam.

Water Repellancy (1).png

Mitigating Thermal Signature

Although not a design feature and more of an "Oh by the way" feature, many units have enjoyed ThermaShield's ability to mitigate thermal signatures. 


Stand-off is key.  If a few inches are between the heat source and the fabric, then moderate success can be expected. 


If the fabric is layed upon the heat source, ThermaShield will take the same temperature providing zero benefit.  Touching the cloth with your bare hand for instance, the thermal signature bleeds right through