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SweetSpot Vehicle Kit 2.0

The Balance Between Protection And Space In Your Rig
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The SweetSpot Kit 2.0 is a single click option to a complete system. Everything you need for an overhead and one shade, wind, or rain wall to adapt to the Sun (or weather) as it moves across the sky. Perfect for the person who wants a high-performance package that is conscious of weight and their GVWR, it finds that "SweetSpot" balance of protection and space in your rig. Driving rain or desert dry, proven ThermaShield properties provide 20-40° cooler temperatures when needed. Prevent heat and cold injuries, treat for shock in medical emergencies, and even help mitigate thermal signature. The SweetSpot Kit covers down as heat reflective personal protection providing modular awning applications for all types of vehicles tactical or otherwise.

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