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ASP "Short Strap"

The Close In Anchor
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The “Short Strap” attaches the Adapter Shade Panel to close in objects on your rig like a roof rack, a rail, or maybe two trees at the correct spacing. Its MILSPEC Male Side Release Buckle clips into the “Vehicle End” in one of the three spots making your setup drum tight and the middle point provides a nice rain ridge. Clip them into either of the “Pole End” attachment points for out of the box anchoring solutions. Keep them attached when packed up for a lightning quick setup.


  • Sold individually. When purchasing an ASP, three short straps are included
  • 12” reach catches objects close in providing a rock-solid setup
  • 3/4” webbing is strong but lightweight
  • Can be used for many other uses as it clips into itself and can be cinched down
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


Length: 12” reach cinching back to itself

  • Cinches your shelter tight against objects working in conjunction with the padded corners protecting your expensive paint.
  • Can be clipped into any of the 5 side release buckle locations if needed

Colors available: Coyote only

Product video:


Military grade: Hardware, Webbing, and Thread

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