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ASP Stake Strap

Tight is Right For Rock Solid Setups
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Tight is right! This strap plugs into the corners of both the Expedition and lite versions of the Adapter Shade Panel (ASP). Its ¾” webbing and has a MILSPEC male side release buckle on it for easy cinching and a rock-solid setup. At 12’ in length, and with a reinforced stake loop, it is long enough for higher roof heights, taller vehicles, or better pull angles in high winds. Depending on the situation, it is used instead of or in conjunction with the SmartClip Adapter for any attachment situation that arises. It’s all in the details as the bitter end retainer keeps the left-over strap from flapping around while in use.

Adapter Shade Panel Into Video

Attaching To The Adapter Shade Panel How To Video


  • Sold individually, this single Stake Strap is a great add to your system to add to your shelter system
  • When purchasing one of the ASP's, they ship with two Stake Straps
  • MILSPEC Male Side Release Buckle keeps things cinched down and is a great balance between strength, weight, and size
  • 12’ in length provides for tall vehicles or better pull angles in high winds
  • Reinforced stake loop for years of abuse
  • Strap retainer for the bitter end to keep things from flopping around
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


Colors available: Coyote only

Product video:


Military grade: Hardware, Webbing, and Thread

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