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Clearance Travel Package 1

This Combo Covers All Your Camping Needs At A Ridiculous Savings!
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Product Details
Brand: Forceprotector Gear LLC

Note: All items in the Clearance Cage are new items but considered seconds. There could be slight color discolorations or other factors from long term storage.



ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME? This package combines brand new FPG Deployer and SmartPack bags IN ABU ONLY. This is a great size combo (60% off) because the Deployer is the "Goldilocks" of wheeled bag sizes; It is just right. Add the SmartPack, and now you have loads of options for packing out on trips and adventures. If cammo color is not a deal breaker for you, it does not get better than this.

Use these savings to put gas in your rig these days!!


With over 140,000 units sold worldwide, the Deployer® FOAMTEC® Loadout Bag is one of our most popular wheeled bags. Designed with our patented 360o FPG FOAMTECH® padding system and smart travel features like integrated back pack straps, visibility pockets and trap door end access, it is the perfect companion for family vacations or a weekend adventure off the beaten path.


A perfect sized duffel packed with features. Like all FPG bags, the FOR76 was designed to live from with its vented SmartPockets, separate end pockets, lid storage and stowable shoulder straps. Popular with the military for its ability to be fastened to other FPG bags, this bag will also serve well on expeditions or family adventures for years to come.


  • Patented 360° FPG FOAMTECH® Padding System
  • Ballistic Nylon bottom
  • Hypalon wear patches on all corners and high wear areas
  • Re-enforced heavy duty handles on all sides
  • Mesh pockets in the lid
  • General pouch in main compartment
  • Integrated and removable backpack straps
  • All zippers have 550 Para Cord pulls
  • One row of webbing anchors for attaching items to bag or lashing things down
  • This bag requires Extender Straps (SP15) to make an “Ultimate Loadout System”
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Two vented SmartPockets inside main compartment that separate the load as well as provide stabilization when carrying as a backpack
  • Closed Cell Foam Padding System protects your gear and supports the bag
  • When full, the SmartPockets provide additional protection to sensitive items in complimenting the dense closed cell foam padding system
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps make the load comfortable when needed; Stow them in their dedicated housing when you don't
  • Generous End Pockets add to the spacious interior
  • YKK water resistant zippers help keep things clean and dry
  • Smaller Deployer® and Lightfighter® size bags can be used as a rolling chassis but SP15 Extender Straps are needed
  • “Gym Bag” Handle will not tear out regardless of weight
  • Re-enforced heavy-duty end handles
  • All zippers have 550 Para Cord pulls
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Dimensions: 30” L x 14” W x 15” D, (76cm L x 35cm W x 35cm D)
  • Capacity: Over 5,880 Cubic Inches, (96) liters
  • Weight: 12lbs., (5.17kg) empty
  • Colors available: ABU only for this package


  • Dimensions: 36” L x 15” Dia, (91cm L x 38cm Dia)
  • Capacity: 6361 Cubic Inches, (104) liters
  • Weight: 6 lbs., (2.7kg) empty
  • Colors available: ABU only for this package
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