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The Balance Between Protection, Value, and Space In Your Rig
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The SweetSpot Kit is a single click option to a complete Shade system. It provides a temporary thermal reflective shelter protecting you from Sun, wind, rain, and can also be used in emergencies. It finds that "SweetSpot" balance of protection and space in your rig at an incredible value. It gives you the items needed for an overhead canopy (Adapter Shade Panel EXP), and one wind/rain/shade wall (FPC397) to attach to one of the three remaining sides extending your shelter as the sun (or weather) moves across the sky. If you want to have additional Field Blankets, you must add them to your order separately. Here is the corresponding Field Blanket:

The Adapter Shade Panel is a thermal reflective specialty product in the ThermaShield family designed for the overland community. Intended as the basic building block for making scalable shelter, its tapered trapezoid shape attaches quickly to narrower off-road vehicles, Sprinter type vans, or side-by-side roll cages providing short-term thermal protection from the elements. Enjoy a quick 20-40° cooler lunch stop on the trail; protect you or others when things go pear shape or build a scalable Bedouin type camp with wind or rain walls by snapping in as many ThermaShield family blankets (sold separately) as you need. Enjoy shelter both on or off your vehicle, keep track of small parts during repairs, protect yourself from burns when lying under your rig in the hot sand, or maybe it is just snuggling up at the campfire or keeping warm at a chilly sporting event. The uses are only limited to your imagination. Like all ThermaShield products, the ASP provides many functions while giving your family that emergency protection when needed. The Adapter Shade Panel is not a “one trick pony”; It will earn its spot in your rig.

Adapter Shade Panel Intro Video:

American Adventurist Review of the SSK:


Padded corners allow snapping in additional field blankets while protecting your vehicle’s expensive paint. Hypalon backed anchor rings stay centered on the pole tips and provide a 270° stable arc to pull from. ¾” Stake Straps clip to in to the MILSPEC anchor buckles and cinch down for a rock-solid standard configuration. Available SmartClip Adapters allow you to lock in paracord or small bungee cord for those non-standard setups fixing to objects or vehicles.

Attaching To Adapter Shade Panel Instructional Video:


The ASP’s compact size and weight take up little room but provide emergency and medical protection should things go sideways. Reduce heat injuries, cold injuries or treat for shock. The Adapter Shade Panel can be used as an expedient litter in a pinch.

Scalable Shelter:

The Adapter Shade Panel is designed to be a modular system’s starting point. Alone it provides quick shade and protection under its 6’ x 10’ footprint. Attaching a single Field Blanket to either the sides or end gives you wind/shade/rain protection and keeps the afternoon sun off you as it descends. With standard ThermaShield snap spacing, you can attach additional Field Blankets in minutes adding 60 sqft of protection each time.


What is the difference between the Expedition and Lite?

Performance wise, nothing. The difference lies in weight, packed size, how robust it is, and of course cost. The (Expedition) has a layer of ripstop DesertCloth® that covers the Reflectech layer. That provides a higher level of abrasion, is more robust, and in extreme hot weather, provides a plenum of air between you and the Reflectech material which is important in low ceiling applications. The (Lite) does not have the DesertCloth® that covers the Reflectech and its shiny silver Reflectech layer is exposed. This is an advantage when packing space is at a premium (small vehicles or a side by side). It is also less expensive to manufacture so in turn costs less. Standard Snap spacings allow you to mix and match other ThermaShield family Field Blankets as desired.

What is a “SmartClip Adapter”?

The ASP has Surface Mount Buckles on all four corners that accept ¾” side release male buckles. In most scenarios clipping in the Stake Strap gets it done. The SmartClip Adapter puts our patented SmartClip® into play giving you a huge amount of attachment options. It gives you a no-knot anchoring system for use with Paracord or small bungee cords. Attaching to objects further than the Straps will reach, or maybe pliable bungee mounts that flex with high winds. There are a ton of uses for them and they give you options in a small package.


  • 1x Adapter Shade Panel (Expedition Version) coyote in color on both sides.
    • 2x 12’ long Stake Straps featuring ¾” male side release buckles with reinforced stake loops and loose end retainers.
    • 3x Short Straps with ¾” side release buckles to capture close anchor points on vehicle.
    • 1x 12’ “Belly Band” Long Strap with ¾” side release buckles for odd attachments or when no anchor points are available
    • 1x carrying pouch with hook and loop I.D. patch
  • 1x FPC397 ThermaShield Field Blanket and pouch
  • 4x SP30 LeverLock Poles
  • 2x SP40 LeverLock Pole Bags (bags have webbing for securing to objects and fit 2x LeverLock Poles each)
  • 4x SP31 FPG Stakes
  • 2x SP35 12' lengths of Paracord


Adapter Shade Panel “Vehicle End Detail”:

  • Special corner detail provides mounting flexibility with padding to protect your vehicle from scratches.
  • 2x ¾” Surface Mount Buckles lock into either the Belly Band Long Strap, the Short Straps, or the optional SmartClip Adapters.
  • A MILSPEC double sided snap attaches a side Field Blanket which is locked in by a SmartClip retainer locking things down when under stress or high winds.
  • Center anchor point for added stability, easy reference during assembly, and providing a “rain peak”.
  • Full width “Chafing Band” provides extra wide protection for both the ASP and your vehicle increasing durability on high contact areas.

"Pole End":

2x “Anchor Rings” capture the pole tip with super durable Hypalon. This allows the Stake Straps to lock in anywhere inside a 270° pull angle.


9x Gromolon anchoring and pole attachment points.

  • 2x 11’ long ¾” wide webbing straps with reinforced stake loops, loose end retaining straps and a male side release buckle to clip into the corners of the ASP
  • 1X 11’ Belly Band Long Strap 21x double sided MILSPEC snaps for attachment to multiple ThermaShield family Field Blankets providing scalable shelter.
  • Effective treatment for shock during the Golden Hour of transport
  • Reduces cold injuries, reduces heat injuries
  • Stand-alone shelter/shade, vehicle-based shelter/shade
  • Expedient litter
  • Fire resistant to CPAI-84
  • 100% UV blocking
  • Wind proof
  • Highly water resistant
  • Hook and Loop squares for I.D. or patch placements
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Compact in size but comfortably stores all items included with the ASP.
  • Mesh lid to help circulate air after packing up
  • Hook and loop strip to label and the contents and organize your loadout.
  • Sturdy YKK Zipper.

LeverLock Pole Bag:

  • The SSK comes with 2 smaller bags to house the 4 poles because it is easier to store smaller objects than one large one
  • 40" L x 4.5" W
  • Larger webbing loops along the middle allows attaching to objects a breeze
  • A simple cinch closes the 550-cord draw string closure
  • Available in black only


  • ASP Dimensions: Trapezoid shape; 112” L x 52” (vehicle end) and 72” (pole end) W, (285cm L x 132 &183 cm W)
  • Total Weight: 2.2 lbs., (.99kg)
  • Pouch Dimensions: 10” L x 6” W x 4” D, (25cm L x 15cm W x 10cm D)
  • Pouch Capacity: 240 cubic inches (3.9 liters)
  • Colors available: Coyote only
  • ASP product video:
  • Product PDF:


  • 500D Cordura
  • FPG DesertCloth®
  • FPG Reflectec®
  • Military Grade buckles, snaps, Hook and Loop, and thread

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