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Adventure Field Blanket 2.0

Pairs Perfectly With The Adapter Shade Panel
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Identical in size and shape to our most popular military version of ThermaShield (The FOR97), the Adventure Field Blanket (AFB) 2.0 switches primary focus while sharing the original hot weather performance. Trading proprietary DesertCloth and it’s close to skin comfort for specially coated Ripstop Nylon, the AFB simplifies usage in severe wet weather (no need to flip it over) and provides ~100% better sustained wet weather performance when in an awning application. The greater the temperature swings are the more the Adventure Field Blanket 2.0 earns its spot in your rig due to its size, light weight, and sheer performance. Blazing sun protection, wind, rain, or just cozying up by the campfire. Snap it onto the Adapter Shade Panel 2.0 for that “SweetSpot” balance of protection and packability.

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