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Field Blanket MultiCam w/ Pouch

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Identical in size and shape to the TS-11B and Adventure Field Blanket but with a different focus. Special coatings for UV longevity and water repellency on the multicam side and coyote on the other give the best of both worlds. Thermal protection from the heat or cold, and killer performance in wet weather, and camouflage when you need it.


TS11B Field Blanket:

  • A streamlined version of the original rectangular shaped ThermaShield. It was born to augment and protect the Warfighter operating in harsh desert climates with massive temperature swings where the primary use was PPE from the elements first and shade awning second.
  • Has DesertCloth on one side, works best in dry arid extreme heat and extreme cold.
  • Coyote on both sides, can be spray painted to match the surrounding environment or pairs well with our laser-cut multicam cammo netting
  • Designed for short term usage
  • NSN for gov't purchasing

MultiCam Field Blanket:

  • Exactly the same Blanket as the TS11B but with a Specially coated MultiCam top side.
  • Specifically treated to withstand UV exposure for extended periods without breaking down.
  • Outstanding wet weather characteristics while still maintaining heat reflection properties.
  • NSN for gov't purchasing

Adapter Shade Panel 2.0:

  • Narrowed on one end for vehicle use. Trapezoid shaped ThermaShield product designed to make quick and lightweight overhead shelter from vehicles with our without attachment points with included strapping systems.
  • Coyote both sides. Designed to have additional Adventure Field Blankets snap into on of or all three remaining sides as wind, rain, or shade walls
  • Primary use is an awning/overhead application with PPE from the elements secondary. Possesses all heat reflecting properties of regular ThermaShield products.
  • Outstanding wet weather, hot weather, and cold weather performance.

Adventure Field Blanket 2.0:

  • Exact same dimensions and snap locations as TS-11B. Coyote on both sides. No DesertCloth so better in wet weather.
  • Primary use to work with Adapter Shade Panel as wall segments but possesses same heat reflecting properties and PPE usage as secondary.
  • Double the Hypalon attachment points as the TS-11B for LeverLock Poles, Strap Adapters, and bungee cords
  • Outstanding wet weather, hot weather, and cold weather performance.


  • 100% UV blocking, wind proof, Highly water resistant
  • Unmatched performance at reflecting heat either away from you or towards you as the situation dictates
  • 12x Gromolon anchoring and pole attachment points
  • Effective treatment for shock during the Golden Hour of transport
  • Reduces cold injuries, educes heat injuries, expedient litter
  • 4x patented SmartClips® with "Quiet Housings" for no-knot fixing to objects or vehicles
  • 24x double sided MILSPEC snaps for attachment to multiple blankets
  • Assists with thermal signature mitigation
  • Fire resistant to CPAI-84
  • Hook and Loop I.D. placements
  • Modular; Blankets can be snapped together making shelter size as needed.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Compatible with MOLLE or PALS attachment systems
  • Simple divider can separate contents
  • Drain hole in the bottom for maritime use
  • Sturdy water resistant YKK Zipper with 550 Para Cord pull.


  • Field Blanket Dimensions: 112” L x 72” W, (285cm L x 183 cm W)
  • Total Weight: 2.8 lbs., (1.27kg)
  • Pouch Dimensions: 10.5” L x 7” W x 2.5” D, (27cm L x 18 cm W x 6 cm D))
  • Pouch Capacity: 184 cubic inches (3 liters)
  • Colors available: MultiCam on one side / Coyote on other only


  • FPG DesertCloth®
  • FPG Reflectec®
  • FPG SmartClips®
  • Military Grade Snaps, Hook and Loop, and Thread

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